First things first

This is my story.

I am one woman living on this planet working toward a joyful existence and navigating what that means to me. I haven’t been one of those lucky people who had a deep passion for something early on and therefore knew how they wanted to spend their life. This is an exploration for my truth; my Satya; in life, love and career.

I was lucky that after college graduation I obtained a position at an association management company that believed in me. I was continually promoted and given many wonderful opportunities to grow. This is where I gained all my “work experience” that I value and wouldn’t trade for anything. Those experiences are who I am.

There did come a time about 3 years ago when I realized something important; I wanted to do something that I loved not something I was simply good at. This was quite surprising as I was always told that if you go to college and get a good job you will be successful (and I thought that meant happy as well). Not the case. There was a time that I enjoyed what I did but it was never really part of me, not part of my soul. So I gave it all up; my good salary and my house; to start from scratch.

The past couple of years have been hard, not gonna lie. Went through an awful breakup, filed for bankruptcy, was fired for the first time, had to move in with my mother (twice) and have had a string of uninspired jobs whose only purpose were to pay the bills as I continued my pursuit.

Which brings me to the present – I have narrowed down the search (for now) and am concentrating on creating. Creating what? Anything and everything, mostly DIY projects. This is what I enjoy doing and we are to do things that we enjoy, put it out into the world and the world will come to us, right?!

This is to be my journey in finding my path, a story of my life, personal struggles and triumphs, career ups and downs with a little DIY project fails and successes along the way. My hope is you will join me on this journey and we can share and learn about life together.



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