Scraping Pennies

FullSizeRenderIn an effort to save money and be crafty at the same time, I decided to take on the challenge of making my very own laundry softener.

About a year ago I made my own laundry detergent and absolutely love it. I made a half batch of a large recipe because, living in an apartment, I don’t have a lot of space to store extra items. I think the total investment for my initial ingredients was $15 and I have half of it left so I can make more when I run out.

I thought the laundry softener would be a good idea and a great accompaniment to the laundry detergent I loved. So to start, I referenced a wonderful post on I used her blog post on the laundry detergent so I had a really good feeling that she would share a good recipe.

To make the softener all you need is water (yay, free), distilled vinegar (had some lying around the house) and a bottle of conditioner in a scent you wouldn’t mind your clothes smelling like. I went cheaper and bought a bottle of Suave on sale at the grocery store for $1.50. If this little experiment works out I am ecouraged at the amount of money I will be saving.

IMG_0864Basically, you take 6 cups of hot water, I used boiling tap water, and mix that with the full bottle of conditioner.(Side bonus, I used the extra boiling water to make myself a cup of tea for a little treat while I got crafty.) After the conditioner was completely dissolved I added the 2 cups of white vinegar and let everything cool before storing it into my glass containers.

The vinegar had a very pungent scent when I first combined the ingredients together but as it has sat for the last couple of days the smell isn’t as strong. But the best news, it didn’t make my clothes smell at all like vinegar.

I have been using my homemade softener for a couple of weeks now and I am pretty happy with it. I am finding that I have to use a little bit more homemade kind than I would a store-bought brandwith it being winter in Colorado and SUPER dry weather. I am hoping that in the summer I will be able to cut back a little bit.

Considering that this concoction only cost me about 30 mins of my time and $1.50 – I am sold. Plus, it’s so much fun making household items. I find a welling of pride every time I do a load of laundry now with my homemade detergent and fabric softener. My boyfriend also gets to share in my joy as I tell him every time I do a load of laundry just how cool it is that I have made my own soap and softener. He amuses me and is impressed each time I bring it up. Sweetheart!!

I send you off hoping that you give this experiment a try or that it has inspired you to search out an item to make for yourself. I wish you as much joy in your creation as I have found in mine!



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